What is RSL Women's Council?

RSL Women's Council of Victoria is headquarters for Auxiliaries throughout Victoria.

The aim of Women's Council is to support the Auxiliaries, in assisting the Returned & Services League to give a helping hand to Service Members, their families and the wider community.  RSL Sub-Branches and their Women's Auxiliaries work together towards the same goals.

As of August 2015 there are 64 Women's Auxiliaries with approximately 1250 members.

The RSL Women's Auxiliary is open to ALL women who wish to assist the RSL and it is no longer a requirement to be a relative of a Service person.

The Women's Auxiliary of an RSL Sub-Branch elects a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (the latter two may be combined) and at least 3 Committee members.

Before the start of any meeting the Motto is recited followed by one minute's silence to remember those who have fallen in battle.

All financial members are eligible to hold office on an Auxiliary. A financial member has to be elected as a Women's Auxiliary Delegate which then allows them to represent their Auxiliary at the State Conference/Seminar.

Eligibility to hold office on Women's Council. You must be your Women's Auxiliary Delegate at the time of nomination.

A Women's Auxiliary must join Women's Council and a fee of $40.00 (as from 1st January 2010) must be paid prior to 31st March of the current year, by either the Sub-Branch or the Women's Auxiliary for which a receipt will be issued.

Women's Council Delegate meetings are held bi-monthy on the 1st Monday of the month, starting from February with the exception of August.  These meetings commence at 11:00am and are open to all financial members.  Delegates are encouraged to submit a report from their Auxiliary showing their activities for the previous two months.  If a Delegate is unable to attend the meeting, a report to Women's Council is welcomed and will be tabled.  These meetings are followed by a Women's Council meeting.

The Annual Conference/Seminar is held on the first Wednesday in August, with a social evening on the Tuesday night preceeding.

At the commencement of the Conference/Seminar the Returning Officer annouces the results of the election for the Executive and Committee.  The newly-elected President is introduced but does not take up her position until the end of the Conference/Seminar. The Executive are elected for 2 years and the Committee for one year.

Women's Auxiliaries are invited to submit Agenda items for the Conference/Seminar. These Agenda items are sent out to Auxiliaries for discussion at their monthly meetings and Delegates are directed on how to vote. Each Women's Auxiliary is entitled to one vote, or may nominate a proxy in writing prior to the Conference/Seminar. Observers may attend but cannot vote.  Nominations for Council office close at Head Office 8 weeks before the Annual Conference/Seminar.  A Delegate may nominate for a Committee position.  The Executive positions come from the Committee members who have completed 12 months on the Committee.

The State of Victoria is divided into 14 Areas, each Area can have anything from 3 to 14 Women's  Auxiliaries. These Areas hold meetings at least once a year, or sometimes twice yearly with a different Women's Auxiliary hosting the meeting. The Area Meetings are the point of contact with the Women's Council throughout the year, relating the progress of Women's Auxiliaries as well as the aims and objectives of Women's Council.  This gives those who cannot attend the Conference a chance to meet and discuss matters that concern their own Areas as well as other business that may arise.

For further information please ring (03) 9655 5519, leave a message if the office is unattended.