COVID-19: Veteran Services

Calling on all Veterans - Urgent Casual Staff Needed in Melbourne

RSL Victoria is working in collaboration with Ironside Recruitment to find Veterans who are currently looking for work / would like to join a team to assist across Aged Care Facilities in Melbourne.

Ironside, a veteran owned company and led by a fellow veteran, is urgently seeking to recruit paid staff in response to the impending crisis within Victoria over the next few hours, days and week due to COVID19.

Starting from as early as Monday 20th July, they need at least 50 staff to reinforce Aged Care Facilities who have been impacted by COVID19 and the new staff rules that means staff can only work at one site. 

You must have a current flu vaccination. 

Tasks could range from cooking toast and making cups of tea for residents to cleaning, but importantly caring for our most vulnerable in these much needed 'support' roles. 

Staff will undergo online and on-the-job training in PPE and be protected by Ironside insurances and government legislation regarding the contracting of COVID19 as a primary carer.

If you are available please send an email to asap.

Must include:
Full name.
Phone number



Flu vax confirmation.
Availability to start.


Restrictions within Victoria will possibly be in place for some time, at different Stages for each area. RSL Victoria are committed to supporting our veterans through the challenges of State Government restrictions and the health concerns they have regarding coronavirus.

We know that veterans have experiences of change, separation, and challenge during their service career that can assist them to cope well during this time. We also know that a number of our veterans fall into vulnerable categories. We are committed to supporting veterans during this time.

Keep an eye on your mates

During times of stress, those with pre-existing mental health disorders might find their symptoms are exacerbated. We also know that some maladaptive behaviours, such as alcohol use and interpersonal violence, have potential to increase at these times. It is a good idea to check on those you care about and make sure they are safe.

Open Arms has some information on helping a friend or family member who is not coping. 

Click Here for resources regarding assisting children on how to cope.

Be active if you can

Our body and mind are connected and physical activity improves our mood. We need to plan movement into our day. Write down your goals and adapt them to whatever restrictions you are living under. RSL Active has some great options for keeping active at a distance.

Click Here for RSL Active online events.

Community Nursing care

DVA has expanded its community nursing service to allow your provider to develop an individual pandemic plan with you for your care if they consider it necessary. The plan will help you prepare for how to continue to have your essential needs met during the pandemic.

Click Here for more information.

Testing blitz: how to identify Public Health Officials

You may be aware the Department of Health and Human Services are conducting a testing blitz for COVID-19 and doorknocking in some of your communities.

This public health team will be wearing a black jacket with COVID-19 Public Health Team printed on the front and Feeling sick? Get tested printed on the back.

The staff undertaking these tests can present their identification to you on request.

The staff will not ask for any kind of payment or banking details. This testing is free in Victoria.

Here are images of what these jackets and identifications cards look like:


It is important to ask someone for their identification and if you feel that someone is untrustworthy, you can call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

RSL Victoria can also provide assistance or we can contact DVA if you need further assistance or advice.

Further resources

DVA’s Mental Health Advisor on coping during COVID-19.

A reminder that if you need support for your mental health during period, please speak to your General Practitioner or Open Arms:

News Updates: 

Beware of trending veteran phone scam:

Veterans from WA, QLD & NSW have recently been contacted by scammers implicating the TPI Federation.

The scam starts with a call from an unknown person asking the individual to complete a TPI Australia survey. Those who have been called advise when they try to complete the survey they get to a question asking what political party they last voted for and the survey stops. 

A notification then appears asking them to call a phone number for further assistance.  There is no answer on that phone number.

It is known that there can be some phishing in the background of such websites.  We call veterans not follow the instructions given to them and ignore the call. The TPI Federation has at no time had a survey that requires veterans to respond to.


Veterans' MATES

The Veterans’ Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (MATES) project is run by the University of South Australia – Quality use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The program has been improving the health care of veterans by simultaneously feeding back to GPs, pharmacists, and the veterans themselves, information about the quality use of medicines, quality prescribing and the management of chronic health conditions, including mental health.

Veterans’ MATES has always provided sound advice on a range of health conditions to benefit the veteran community. 

The current fact sheet, ‘Three actions to enhance and protect your mental well-being during and after COVID-19’, is the second special release of information in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This information was developed specifically in relation to mental health and well-being during and after the pandemic.