Forever Grateful

Your courage to be kind so those who served are never forgotten

Why a gift in your Will is so important.

For many of Australia’s veterans, the battle on returning home is the hardest to win. The challenges they have faced, the foes they have overcome, the mates they have lost, can leave them ill-equipped for life without the side by side support of the Defence Forces. Transitioning from defence life to civilian life without all the support structure and security of the defence family can be challenging.

How you can ensure those who served are never forgotten.

Leaving a gift in your Will to RSL Victoria is a powerful way to make a difference for years to come. It is never too soon to start thinking about how you can make the world a better place. If you already have a Will, you can leave a gift to RSL Victoria by adding a Codicil to your existing Will.

Be a part of the RSL Victoria Forever Grateful Family

RSL Victoria is forever grateful for your act of generosity and would like you to see the difference your gift in Will can make. Letting us know in your lifetime that you have left a gift in your Will to RSL Victoria will allow us to discuss your wishes for your legacy, and ensure they are respected.

You will be part of the Forever Grateful Family and will be invited to special functions to hear about the work we are doing on behalf of veterans and their families.

What to do next …

You can contact us for a confidential chat on: (03) 9655 5509 Or email in confidence to:

Mail: RSL Victoria, ANZAC House, 4 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

 How to include RSL Victoria in your Will

A Will is a legal document and so therefore, it is in your best interests to consult your solicitor. You can choose to give a gift in Will through a variety of ways:

  1. Residue. The whole or part of your estate.
  2. Percentage. A set portion of your estate.
  3. A sum of money. Consider the impact of inflation over time.
  4. Property. Stocks and Shares. Artworks. Superannuation, life insurance policies.

It is important that you clearly identify RSL Victoria in the wording of your Will so we can honour your wishes:

“I give to the RSL of Australia (VIC) Branch, General Appeals Patriotic Fund, ABN 85 107546293, the whole of my estate (or …. the residue of my estate / or % of my estate/ or the sum of $.         / or description of property or asset) free from all duties and deductions, to be applied for its general purposes in such manner as RSL Victoria may determine (or name a specific purpose or area such as Sub Branches).

The receipt in writing of an authorised officer of RSL Victoria shall be sufficient discharge to my executor and/or trustee.”

Please let us know if you have included RSL Victoria in your Will, so we can make sure you are welcomed to our Forever Grateful family.