Veteran Central

Veteran Central is a place for Victorian veterans to interact with Ex-Service Organisations and get the support they need to maintain their wellbeing. Our 1300 MILVET (1300 645 838) number is staffed by Case Navigators who will work directly with you to find and link you to supports that are available. This might be within RSL programs, our Ex-Service Organisation community in Australia, or help navigating the DVA system or Commonwealth aged care system.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, we look forward to opening up again to work in-person with you, offer you a space within the Melbourne CBD to relax and meet peers or have ESO appointments.

Who is eligible?

Any veteran or family member of a veteran is welcome to speak to us. RSL defines a veteran as anyone who has served within the Australian or an Allied Defence Force, including reservists. We know there are different eligibility criteria for different DVA and ESO services; we can help you navigate these.

Operating Hours


Monday- Friday



Code of Conducts 

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What type of services to do you offer?

Veteran Central is a way for us to take the time to speak to veterans about their wellbeing in a holistic way – that means looking at all of the domains of a person’s life, across their lifespan. This is consistent with our upcoming Resilient Veteran Strategy which we will produce at the end of the year. It’s also an evidence-informed way of understanding that all wellbeing domains are connected to each other. This means that we might work with a veteran to set goals in a range of areas and then help them navigate all of the systems – DVA, Government, private, and ESO – that might have supports available for them.

What Ex-Service Organisations are involved?

We speak with all the major Ex-Service Organisations in Victoria regularly so they can update us on the programs they are running and we can provide support to each other. However, we look for and help veterans make contact with any service that is helpful for them. There doesn’t need to be any formal arrangement with that organisation.

How does Veteran Central actually work?

Veteran Central is a way for us to help veterans find the support they want that exists in the Victorian Ex-Service Organisation community. We take the time to speak to veterans about their wellbeing needs in all areas and then work with them to find services that match what they need. This could include introductions to people at an RSL Sub-Branch, but it also takes into account all the services that are provided by Ex-Service Organisations across Victoria.

What if I need after-hours support?

Veterans and their families in need of support are encouraged to call 1300MILVET during the operational hours for any assistance needed by our team.

For after-hours emergency support, OpenArms 24/7 veteran and families counselling services remain available via 1800 011 046.

If you are in direct need of clinical care such as a mental health professional or medical advice, you should directly contact your local General Practitioner or Open Arms centre.

We highly recommend you find a General Practitioner who can support you to manage your health post-discharge. Did you know that you can use your DVA to arrange a comprehensive health check with your GP so that they can get to know you and your needs? Click Here