Veteran Employment Program

RSL Victoria has launched a new veteran employment program as part of a national initiative to offer holistic support services across the country. 

RSL Employment is funded by the Australian Government, and supports veterans and their partners to find meaningful employment. 

Our team work with veterans and their partners to determine how they can best support their search for employment. Services within the program include: 

  • Career counselling help translating skills for the civilian job market
  • Help interpreting selection criteria
  • Writing CVs and application letters and social media profiles
  • Interview coaching
  • Connections to employers

Veterans and their families can access the employment program by calling the 1300MILVET (1300 645 838) phone number, which is a 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, call centre service run by RSL Victoria. The program can also be accessed by visiting the Employment Program website.