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Young Veterans Rally is aimed at raising awareness amongst the communities of Australia on the stresses of today’s young soldiers, sailors, airmen and women who have served the nation overseas.


The Young Veterans Rally is planned to travel from the southern most point of the Australian Mainland (Wilson's Prom, VIC) all the way to the northernmost point of the Mainland (Cape York, QLD) stopping in at pre designated locations to raise public awareness about the veterans of today. This will all be done, in retrofitted ex-military vehicles.


Young Veterans Rally is an event in which we plan to use ex service vehicles to drive current and ex serving members of the ADF from the last almost 20 years of operations from the southernmost point of the Australian mainland all the way to the northernmost point in order to raise awareness amongst the public of the contributions that our Young Veterans of today have experienced.


Since the later years of the 90's, men and women of the Australian Defence Force have been deployed on operations both foreign and domestic. From the Jungles of East Timor to the deserts of Afghanistan and the seas and skies that surround them, thousands of soldiers/sailors/airmen & women have served their nation. Many of these men and women have returned home after their service and gone onto living normal lives within society. Some carry scars that cannot been seen by their friends and family. Some carry scars that can be seen by everyone, but one thing that all of these young veterans have in common is that they are not alone. We aim to assist ex service personnel from all services, in coming together to support each other, the numerous veterans groups and the RSL's around Australia.

General information

The Young Veterans Rally concept came into being when Scott May, an Ex-Soldier, identified similarities and misconceptions surrounding the treatment of Veterans of both the Vietnam era and modern conflicts. Together with the assistance of fellow veterans, Sven Thompson and Chris May, Scott plans on raising awareness whilst simultaneously raising money for veterans charities.

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