Our current strategic direction was set by the State Executive to cover the period 2019 – 2023. Within this strategic direction our vision is that every veteran in Victoria is respected & supported, together with their families and our mission is to provide the best possible support & services to all generations of veterans in Victoria.

RSL Victoria’s approach is centred on the values of respect, transparency, integrity, mateship, tradition, compassion and empathy.

Our current objectives include:

  • To engage more effectively with veterans who have served since 1990.
  • Attract more veterans who have served since 1975 to become involved in the active work of the RSL.
  • Deliver two major projects: Project 2020 (better defining our veteran services) and Project 2022 (Sub-Branch commercial operational model).
  • Successfully develop and implement new and enhanced fundraising strategies and methods.
  • Optimise and sustain our strategic footprint across the state.
  • Ensure our governance is effective, transparent and contemporary.
  • Enable all our objectives with modern IT and digital platforms to share, manage and inform.

The key strategic pillars of our plan can currently be categorised as covering Governance & Compliance, Delivery of Veteran Services, The RSL Brand, our Constitutional Structure and the RSL Business Model in Victoria.

Obviously this period has been considerably impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic however we are proud of our progress that is best understood through our 2019 and 2020 Annual Reports.