Volunteers have been out in force this week fundraising for the RSL's annual ANZAC Appeal. Meet some of the wonderful volunteers who gave their time to fundraise in Melbourne this week.

Sisters Prudence and Catherine Cox.

Prudence and Catherine Cox. Photography by Kylie Iva
Prudence and Catherine Cox. Photography by Kylie Iva

Sisters Prudence and Catherine Cox have been selling ANZAC Badges for as long as they can remember. After a brief hiatus, they are back at it in the city streets.

Their father served in the Army and their mother was a member of the Returned Nurses RSL Sub-Branch since the 1950s.

The two remember listening to some of their father’s exciting and harrowing war stories, and coming along with their mother to ANZAC House.

As a result, veteran welfare was ingrained into them from a young age.

“The more we can do for people, the better,” says Prudence.

Since returning to the ANZAC Appeal, the two have also embraced the evolving technology.

“It’s much cooler with Eftpos available, it makes it so much easier!” says her sister Catherine.

While the pair work towards a common goal of raising as much as possible for the Appeal, they’re enjoying it at the same time.

“It’s lovely to be able to talk to people, a lot of people have a story to tell about their own parents, grandparents, relations. People are so kind and engaged with what we are doing,” says Catherine.

Pete Marron

Peter Marron
ANZAC Appeal Volunteer Pete Marron. Photography by Kylie Iva.

“I like to volunteer. It’s for a worthy cause. I don’t mind spending my time, it’s fantastic actually, I do it each year.”

“The generosity is still there. The understand the importance of ANZAC Day.”

“I’ll be at the Dawn Service followed by the ANZAC footy match with my family who are all serving members.”

Major General Andrew Bottrell

Major General Andrew Bottrell. Photography by Kylie Iva.
Major General Andrew Bottrell. Photography by Kylie Iva.

Standing proudly in his uniform, Major General Andrew Bottrell is so grateful for the incredible generosity he’s witnesses as volunteers for the ANZAC Appeal.

“I think it’s wonderful to see the diversity of those giving, people turn up and give money, they don’t want a badge or anything to show for it.”

He says it warms his heart that Australians continue to appreciate ex and current serving men and women and their contribution to this great nation.

Trevor Logan

Trevor Logan
ANZAC Appeal Volunteer Trevor Logan. Photography by Kylie Iva.

After 40 years of service, Trevor Logan recently discharged.

He has volunteered his time for the ANZAC Appeal for many years, with its cause even closer to his heart now than ever before.

“I know the importance of life after service and I think the ANZAC Appeal is a great way of helping to provide support to current and past veterans.”

This ANZAC Day, Trevor will be reunited with his son in Canberra, where the two will march proudly together.