Volunteers have been out in force this week fundraising for the RSL's annual ANZAC Appeal. Meet some of the wonderful volunteers who gave their time to fundraise in Melbourne this week.

Melinde Siew

Melinda Siew and Stephen Holmes
ANZAC Appeal volunteers Melinda Siew and Stephen Holmes

It’s the second year Melinde Siew is volunteering for the ANZAC Appeal.

Now that she is retired, she wants to channel her time into rewarding efforts.

“During my younger days, you are too busy, you know, working and raising a family. So now you are giving it back to the community.”

She says it’s an opportunity to understand more about Australia’s past.

“A friend explained to me about the ANZACs, the war veterans and things and I’m trying to learn a bit more about history.”

Private Annabel Grounds

ANZAC Appeal volunteer Annabel (left)
ANZAC Appeal volunteer Annabel (left)

In and amongst the city sellers today, Private Annabel Grounds is doing her part for a worthy cause.

Currently posted in her home city of Melbourne, Annabel was only too pleased to volunteer for the ANZAC Appeal.

“It means a lot because I have a number of family who served in the Defence Force, so yeah for me joining [the city sellers] was pretty easy decision.”

“I've always seen people in the city selling them and you know, it's very cool to see people in uniform, you don't see that very often. So, to be a part of it, and be that person that I always saw, it's really exciting.”

She says she enjoys meeting new people and the public make it a rewarding experience.

“Everyone is really kind and appreciative and it's really nice to see people in the street and yeah, they give you a smile or stop to talk to you.”

This ANZAC Day, Annabel will be reflecting on her own service in the ADF and what those before her have given to their country.

John Beslee

John Beslee
ANZAC Appeal volunteer John Beslee

He’s a well-known face for all things veteran related, putting his hand up to volunteer at every chance and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

“Just makes me feel good. Makes me feel good. That's all it is.”

The navy veteran and now President of the Seaford RSL Sub-Branch, John is passionate about the ANZAC Appeal, and the many other efforts of the RSL.

This ANZAC Day, John is looking forward to giving each veteran the recognition they deserve during the service at his Sub-Branch.

“I call forward all ex-service people from Vietnam onwards, Afghan, Iraq, Timor, Solomons, wherever they'd been for them all up the front, introduce them to the crowd, give them a round of applause.”

Major Terry Kanelos OAM (Retd)

Major Terry Kanelos OAM (Retd)
ANZAC Appeal volunteer Major Terry Kanelos OAM (Retd)

Every year, Major Terry Kanelos OAM (Retd) buys an AZNAC Badge, but this year he’s selling them.

“It's rewarding seeing the people coming up to you and saying what a great job that we do. And, and of course, it's more rewarding to know that the funds that we're collecting is going to help all our veterans.”

Terry has been an RSL member since 2003 and can see the importance in investing time into his Sub-Branch and the work of RSL Victoria.

“We needed more people to take part in the appeals. So, I've got a team together and I took this over only this year to see whether we can take the load off the older people that used to do it in the past.”