RSL Victoria would like to congratulate Terry Power from the Epping Sub-Branch on receiving a National Certificate of Merit with Gold Badge.

After numerous COVID-related delays over the past two years, State President Dr Robert Webster OAM was finally able to present Terry with the award at a recent ceremony.

For over 30 years and counting, Terry has devoted hours upon hours of his time to his local RSL.

He became a social member of the Epping Sub-Branch in 1988 and with his father and grandfather both having served, he proudly changed his membership to an affiliate when it was introduced as a category some years later.

“I had a couple of mates that were members of the RSL and they talked me into joining up. One thing led to another.”

Terry became a Club Life Member in 2012, and has been a dedicated member of the ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Events Committee for over a decade.

"I just enjoy doing it and I’ve got a wonderful team that work together for ANZAC Day. I do it for the guys who come back and the guys who didn’t."

Terry Power

He says seeing ANZAC Day gatherings increase over the years at the Sub-Branch, culminating in around 5000 attending the ANZAC Centenary Service, is immensely rewarding.

Among his many contributions, Terry is also credited with procuring, designing and cataloguing a display of memorabilia at the Sub-Branch, which he says is an important part of keeping legacies and stories alive.

"A lot of memorabilia is part of history, particularly in warfare. It’s amazing how many people come in and just stand there and look at the cabinets and it’s great to see kindergarten and school groups come in and we explain things to them."

Terry Power

Too humble to spruik his own generous work and efforts, Epping Sub-Branch President Kevin Ind steps in to sing his praises.

He says Terry’s contributions are extremely valuable and he’s blessed to have him as a critical part of the Sub-Branch.

"If he wasn’t doing this work, we probably wouldn’t have the results we get, like the thousands that attend a Dawn Service. He seems to have the knack of getting a gang together, you do this, you do that. He has everything sorted out, from the car parking to leaving no stone left unturned."

Kevin Ind

Despite a recent bout of significant health challenges, Kevin says there is little that stops Terry.

"I just want to thank him and express my gratitude for his efforts over the years and I’m sure he’ll keep going. He’s got no signs of pulling up. He just had surgery not long before the Dawn Service and he was still plodding on!"

Kevin Ind

For Terry, it’s business as usual.

“I’ll keep going as long as I can and I know that when I do give it away, there’ll be someone behind me to take it over."

"I love volunteering for the RSL. But it’s not just me. It’s the people we’ve got on the Committee, a wonderful bunch of people that will do anything to keep the RSL and the commemorative services going. This is their award as well"

Terry Power

State President Dr Robert Webster OAM says despite the delay in presenting the award, Terry has continued his work with enthusiasm, and he deserves to be recognised for all his efforts.

"Terry is a well regarded and respected member of the Epping Sub-Branch by his peers for his volunteer efforts for both the RSL and the wider community."

Dr Robert Webster OAM