RSL Victoria invites you to get moving this VHW

15 October 2021

Saturday, October 16, marks the beginning of Veterans' Health Week (VHW), an annual health initiative that aims to promote the importance of engaging in health and wellbeing activities.

VHW is a collaboration between the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and ex-service organisations, like RSL Victoria, who host events and activities to support veterans and their families in engaging with each other and the prevailing theme of VHW.

The theme for this year's VHW is 'Get Moving', and RSL Victoria and the RSL Victoria Sub-Branch network have planned many events and activities to help veterans and their families do just that – get moving.

Here is how you can get involved

There are 43 registered events in Victoria. You can find a list of them on the DVA website; HERE. Many of these events are hosted by Victorian RSL Sub-Branches and RSL Victoria.

Of course, the backdrop of Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown in parts of Victoria present some challenges, and participation in physical events may not be possible for everyone. RSL Victoria is asking everyone to Get Moving this Veterans’ Health Week. When you’re up and moving, show everyone by taking a selfie and sharing on social media. Please tag @rslvic and help the week gain momentum with #VeteransHealthWeek

RSL Victoria's Chief of Veteran Services, Adam' Buzz' Lawson, says that VHW and the selfie challenge are the perfect opportunities to get out and get moving.


"Getting moving and getting active is a fundamentally important thing for your health and wellbeing. RSL Victoria encourage you to get out, get active, and get moving."

This Veteran's Health Week, we encourage you to grab your phone and take a snap while you 'get moving' and post on your chosen social media platform. Use the hashtag #VeteransHealthWeek and don't forget to tag @rslvic in your post.

Together, let's amplify Veterans’ Health Week and support each other to get moving,

VHW will run from October 16- 24, 2021.