A message from RSL Victoria State President, Dr Robert Webster OAM

On behalf of the RSL Victoria State Executive I am proud to share our statement of reflection and apology.

The statement acknowledges and apologises for past behaviors and attitudes of the League that may have caused harm to some within the ex-service community, both past and present.

As the leading ex-service organisation in Victoria, we believe that our role is not just to support veterans and their families, but also to champion the interests of all within the ex-service community.

Our founding charter expressed this sentiment beautifully when it was written that our shared purpose was to be “to help one and other in this battle of life.”

The statement I am sharing with you today acknowledges that the League has not always lived up to that promise. We can and will do better.

A Statement from RSL Victoria’s State Executive

RSL Victoria believes that every Serving and ex-Service individual should be treated in accordance with our values of:

Respect, Integrity, Compassion and most importantly Mateship.

RSL Victoria has listened to those who have experienced occasions when we have failed to live to those values. Instances of abuse, discrimination and indifference towards certain military service.

These instances have not reflected RSL Victoria’s values and for this we unreservedly apologise. Our apology is offered with the greatest respect to any individual adversely impacted by their experience with RSL Victoria.

RSL Victoria as a leader in the Defence community is focused on support of Serving and ex-Service individuals.