While many know the incredible work of RSL Victoria’s Compensation and Welfare Support Manager Jeff Jackson, today he has been recognised for his long and remarkable career with the Australian Defence Force.

Captain Jackson enlisted in the Australian Army in 1970 and was later appointed as a commissioned officer in 1999.


At the completion of initial training, Captain Jackson was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, and later transferred to the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police.

He has performed a wide range of duties across several units and served operationally in Vietnam, on peacekeeping duties with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in Israel and Syria, and on domestic operations in Australia.

"Congratulations on being awarded the Federation Star for your commitment and dedication to the service of our Nation within the Australian Army. I thank you for your devotion to duty throughout your 45 years of service"

The certificate of appreciation presented to Jeff says

Jeff says to be awarded the Federation Star signifying 45 years service is a great honour.

"To me it signifies the idea that I fulfilled an obligation to the career pathway I chose to follow to the best of my ability. I will proudly display the bar on my Long Service Medal Ribbon. Most people won't know its significance, and that is okay, but I will."

Jeff Jackson

Beyond Jeff’s dedication to his country, Jeff has devoted as he puts it, “24 amazing and satisfying years” with the RSL.

Brigadier Michael Annett proudly presented Captain Jeffrey Jackson with the Federation Star.

"The RSL has a motto ‘Serving Still’. If anyone personifies that in uniform or out of uniform, it’s Jeff. As an advocate with his longstanding work with the RSL there’s literally thousands of veterans and their families who are direct beneficiaries from the betterment and wellbeing that Jeff has done over decades. So, quite apart from his service to his nation in uniform, there’s a whole separate life of service as part of the RSL. Nobody exemplifies ‘Serving Still’ as a motto better than Jeff’s life work. Well done."

Michael Annett