9 November 2021

RSL Victoria has found a memorable and unique way to mark the centenary of the Poppy Appeal, by creating a life-sized 100 covered in poppies.

The creation has traveled around regional and metro Victoria over the past weeks to highlight the milestone and spread the word of the importance of the annual appeal.

The 100 with the eternal flame at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

RSL Victoria President, Dr Robert Webster OAM, says it is worth celebrating 100 years of fundraising for vital services for veterans.

"Spare a thought for our veteran community, many of whom may be going through physical and mental health problems, social isolation, homelessness and financial hardships."

Dr Robert Webster OAM

Last year’s fundraising efforts proved to be challenging with the appeal taking a hit due to the pandemic.

RSL Victoria’s Fundraising Manager, Peter Smith OMA says that’s why this year is more important than ever.

"If you can, please spare a donation for our veteran community who have already given and continue to give so much to our country and who may have been faced with extra challenges over the past months having been impacted by COVID."

Peter Smith OMA


Dr Webster says every donation to the Poppy Appeal, big or small, counts.

“Contributions go toward crisis accommodation, supporting health and wellbeing programs, funding advocacy services, just to a name a few examples. There is so much on offer to support veterans in a considered and tailored approach.”

Appeals Manager, Peter Smith says you can be proud that you have helped to change a veteran’s life.

“Donate with pride. Thank you. We greatly appreciate your support of those who sacrificed for us all.”