Melbourne’s Commemoration March is designed to enable those who have served our country and its allies to re-form the ranks of their units and March to the Shrine of Remembrance as a mark of respect for their fallen comrades.  

Descendants of veterans are encouraged and welcomed participants.  

The March is also an opportunity for the general public to honour and recognise those who have served and who currently serve in defence of Australia or its interests, especially remembering those who paid the supreme sacrifice or otherwise as a result of their service. 

Commemoration March Guidelines  

These guidelines are to remind RSL Sub-Branch members, Unit Association members, veterans and their families, and members of the public, of the criteria for participating in the Melbourne ANZAC Day Commemoration March.  

There are three ways by which an individual can participate in the March: 

  • As a former or current member of the Australian Defence Force 
  • As a Veteran of a Commonwealth or Allied Force 
  • As a descendant of an Australian, Commonwealth or Allied Veteran who are wearing the campaign medals of their forebears on the right side of their chest 

Veteran Participation 

All veterans are encouraged to join in the Melbourne ANZAC Day March. We welcome participation from anyone who has served and look forward to your presence during this important event. 

If you or your group wish to march, please read the following important information regarding veteran participation.

Veterans who have been issued with medals are asked to wear them when marching.

Veterans using mobility aids are encouraged to participate, noting that the march route is approximately two kilometres. Please note that only one family member or friend may assist you during the march. The safety of all participants during this crowded event is paramount.

Veterans unable to physically march can request a vehicle and may have a single carer to assist them during the march; please contact RSL Victoria for support.  

We encourage family members to march on behalf of a veteran, but the veteran's medals are to be worn on the appropriate right side. 

Australian Veterans

Veteran eligibility to march is based on the criteria to become a Service Member of the RSL i.e, any person who has served in the Australian Defence Force for a period of at least one day. Veterans should assemble with one of the service units or association of which they are/were a member. 

The choice of where to march is a personal one, however it is recommended that those who served together should march together, as an act of remembrance and mateship. 

Commonwealth and Allied Veterans 

Veterans should be clearly identifiable by their campaign medals and should be at the head of each national group. No medals or awards earned from a nation that was in conflict with Australia or the Commonwealth should be worn in the Melbourne ANZAC Day March.  

Dress should reflect the occasion. Traditional/national costume or dress (including headdress) is not appropriate. Commonwealth and Allied contingents will form up in accordance with the Order of March and under the March marshals' direction. 

Displays of foreign national flags are restricted to one per group. 

Flags of a nation that were used when the nation was in conflict with the Commonwealth or Australia are not permitted to be displayed. Display of historical flags or ensigns of other countries that no longer exist is inappropriate. 

Banners are restricted to one per group and are not to contain any political slogans. 


Descendants of veterans are encouraged and welcomed participants, but they will not march in front of veterans. 

Descendants of Australian Veterans 

A descendant of a veteran may participate in the March as a carer (one per participating veteran), banner party or flag carrier, regardless of whether they are entitled to be a member of the RSL or not. 

Descendants, other than the above, will be directed to March in a place of prominence in front of the Commonwealth and Allies contingent. Only one descendant of a veteran may honour their relatives service by wearing his/her medals on their right side. 

Dress of all descendants participating in the March should reflect the occasion and the display of photos or other memorabilia and the pushing of prams and pushers is not permitted, due to safety concerns.  

Descendants of Commonwealth and Allied Veterans 

Descendants of veterans are encouraged to participate to honour the fallen at the express invitation of the contingent leader/organiser. Descendants are to March behind the veterans within the national group. Once again, dress should reflect the occasion. Traditional/national costume or dress (including headdress) is not permitted. 

The national group may have no more than 30 descendants of veterans to participate, including banner party and flag bearers. 

The display of photos or other memorabilia and the pushing of prams and pushers is not permitted for those participating in the March, due to safety concerns.  

General Public  

The March is an opportunity for the public to honour and recognise those who have served and who currently serve in defence of Australia or its interests. There are barriers along the route of the March and in the Shrine of Remembrance precinct. The barriers are there to keep a clear path for the marchers on ANZAC Day and to ensure the safety of the general public. The public is welcome and invited to view the march from outside the barriers.  

March Assembly 

All March participants should be in their allocated assembly area at least 45 minutes prior to the expected time for their formation to step-off. 

The listed form up times are the latest time we ask marchers to arrive at their allocated position in the CBD, so all marchers are encouraged to arrive well before this time. 

Assembly areas are indicated in the order of March and map below.  

Dismissal of Marchers 

As the head of each unit approaches the Eternal Flame, hats are to be removed (by following the unit leader’s movements or by order) and the right hand placed over the heart and kept in that position until the unit is clear of the Eternal Flame, when the reverse is to be followed.

Heads are to be turned right towards the Eternal Flame when passing. Banners and flags are to be dipped. Defence formations are to salute the Eternal Flame as they pass it. Marshals will be placed on the Shrine Forecourt to provide directions for the ‘Eyes Right’ at the Eternal Flame and the ‘Left Wheel’ to proceed to the dismissal area past the flags. 

Formations/Units are to be dismissed after they have marched past the flag poles on the eastern side of the Shrine Forecourt.  They are requested to move well clear of the dismissal area after they have completed the March.  

Vehicles Participating in March  

The only vehicles travelling along the March route are the RACV vehicles carrying veterans unable to March. The RACV vehicles will travel as a group along the march route to the Shrine of Remembrance.   

Banners in the March 

As ANZAC Day is non-political, RSL Victoria kindly requests that all marchers, including Allied Groups, submit any banner designs under which members will March for approval prior to the event. All words on a banner must be in English. This measure is designed only to ensure consistency and appropriateness.   Please email designs to

Dress Guidelines

The ANZAC Day March is an act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion. Jacket with collared shirt and tie for men and equivalent for women should be considered.  Children accompanying adults should be of an age to be able to complete the March, and dressed appropriately.  

Examples of clothing considered inappropriate for the occasion:  

  • Clothing displaying racist/derogatory/sexist or profane messaging, imagery or symbolism 
  • Clothing that is inappropriately revealing of private body parts or sexually provocative in nature 

High visibility workwear 

As part of marching attire, any National dress or costume or sporting paraphernalia should not be worn or displayed.  

Other Considerations 

The Melbourne ANZAC Day Commemoration March is not a parade and therefore no vehicle, animal, weaponry or memorabilia (including historical uniforms) may be included without the prior approval of RSL Victoria as the March organisers.

Please do not carry any photographs while marching. 

Due to the number of participants and their safety, prams are not permitted in the March.

Please display the Australian National Flag with consideration and respect.