RSL Victoria – Veteran Reference Group for the Resilient Veteran Strategy 2021-2026

RSL Victoria is seeking Expressions of Interest from those who feel they could contribute to our Veteran Reference Group (VRG).

A newly established body, the role of the VRG is to represent the broad views of potential veteran consumers of our services in order to:

  • inform the development and review of our Strategy; and
  • identify issues of importance to the client we serve.

The responsibilities of the VRG are to:

  • Provide advice to support effective implementation of our Strategy.
  • Provide strategic advice on the integration of veteran-centred care into everything we do.
  • Integrate the veteran voice and priorities into our Strategy and Advocacy activities.

It is important for us to canvass opinions from the wider veteran community, in addition to our membership. We seek applications from Victorian veterans who are not current RSL members or who have limited involvement in our activities.

Members are asked to attend three meetings per year, either online or in person in Melbourne. This is a pro-bono position. Regional members are reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses.

Please review the Terms of Reference for the VRG and the VRG Position Description and selection criteria, before applying.

At present, due to the makeup of our group, we strongly encourage applications from female veterans.

If you are interested in applying to join the VRG, please email with your details, whether you represent one of the groups identified in the Terms of Reference, and a statement against the selection criteria.

We warmly welcome applications from anyone in the veteran community. If you would like to talk through the function of the group prior to committing, please contact us on 1300 MILVET.