Mateship is a core value of the RSL and the connections forged through membership as an entry point is a wonderful expression of this mateship. By being an RSL member, someone always has your back and you’re surrounded by people who share your interests and embrace your differences.

All Victorians are encouraged to become a member of the RSL. Once upon a time, only those who saw conflict overseas were able to join the RSL. Times have changed in Victoria; our modern organisation has a membership option for everyone. We encourage you to join one of the largest member based organisations the state.

How to join

  1. Approach your local RSL Sub-Branch. We are in almost every town and suburb across Victoria.
  2. If you are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), or you have previously served Australia or our allies, you can sign up directly here on our website. See form below

Membership Options

The following membership types are available within the RSL in Victoria. These are offered on an annual basis, with some Sub-Branches offering triennial membership terms to reduce administration requirements.

  • Service memberships are available to current and former members of the ADF and Allied Armed Forces with a minimum of 6 months service.
  • Affiliate memberships are available to relatives of a person who was eligible to be a Service member of the League. Affiliate memberships are also available to members of emergency services (police, fire brigade, CFA, ambulance and/or SES. Emergency services personnel must have been a member of that emergency service for at least 6 months. Affiliate membership is also open to; A Bronze Medallion member of a Surf Life Saving Club; or A Corrections/Prisons Officer.
  • Social memberships are available to any member of the community who wishes to join an RSL Sub-Branch

Membership provides you with a range of benefits that include reciprocal rights at all Sub-Branches across Victoria. When you sign up to become a member of the RSL in Victoria, you will receive a membership card and a range of communications, depending on your membership type.

Local Sub-Branches often run special events, promotions and opportunities that are available exclusively to RSL members.

All members of the RSL in Victoria are automatically enrolled in RSL Rewards, our fantastic loyalty program. RSL Rewards provides the system and opportunity for your membership card to be your travelling ticket to entry, exclusive member only offers, reward points and much more at participating Sub-Branches across Victoria.

Membership Q&A

Q. I’m a veteran, do I have to be a member to access RSL support and services?

No. RSL Victoria and its Sub-Branches can support all current and ex-service members of the ADF and their families. Of course, we’d love you to join as a member as well if you would like to!

Q. My local Sub-Branch is closed, can I sign up now in another way?

If you quality for Service membership, yes you can apply right here on the RSL Victoria website. All other Victorians, please be patient, and when the COVID-19 restrictions allow, your local Sub-Branch would be delighted to assist you to become a member of the RSL.

Q. My brother/sister/mother/father/son/daughter/husband/wife served in the ADF, am I eligible to become a member?

Yes absolutely! You quality for what we call Affiliate membership. Please contact your local Sub-Branch to sign up.

Q. I didn’t serve in the ADF and I’m not related to anyone who did. Can I still become a member of the RSL in Victoria?

Yes, for sure, we have 100,000 Victorians just like you who are members of the RSL. Simply visit or contact an RSL Sub-Branch near you to sign up.

Q. Is there a fee for membership?

In most cases, yes there is a small fee, normally as low as $10 per year to cover a few administration costs for your local Sub-Branch. All currently serving members of the ADF receive complimentary membership in the first year.

Q. When will my membership expire?

When joining or renewing with the RSL, your membership is valid from the date you join until the 31st December of the same calendar year. To renew your membership, you will be contacted by the RSL between 1st November through to 31st December in the year your membership expires.

Thank You!

Thank you to our 176,813 members in 2021. We couldn’t have survived without you and we hope that the ongoing connection and mateship of your RSL membership has in some small way assisted you through these incredibly difficult times.